NO.01     Oasis - DEFINITELY MAYBE

                                                                     NO.02     The Rolling Stones - STICKY FINGERS

                                                                     NO.03     Oasis - (WHAT'S THE STORY) MORNING GLORY ?

                                                                     NO.04     Oasis - BE HERE NOW

                                                                     NO.05     The Pet Shop Boys - VERY

                                          NO.06     Depeche Mode - ULTRA

                                          NO.07     Zoot Woman - LIVING IN A MAGAZINE

                                          NO.08     Lenny Kravitz - MAMA SAID

                                          NO.09     Beck - SEA CHANGE

                                          NO.10     Pet Shop Boys - INTROSPECTIVE

                                                                                               NO.11     The Cardigans - GRAN TURISMO

                                                                                               NO.12     Sneaker Pimps - BLOODSPORT

                                                                                               NO.13     Beck - MIDNITE VULTURES

                                                                                               NO.14     Massive Attack - BLUE LINES

                                                                                               NO.15     The Rolling Stones - LET IT BLEED

                                                                     NO.16     Massive Attack - MEZZANINE

                                                                     NO.17     The Faint - WET FROM BIRTH

                                                                     NO.18 Alanis Morissette - JAGGED LITTLE PILL

                                                                     NO.19     Enon - HIGH SOCIETY

                                                                     NO.20     The Prodigy - ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED

                                            NO.21     The Dandy Warhols - WELCOME TO THE MONKEY HOUSE

                                            NO.22     Everything but the Girl - THE LANGUAGE OF LIFE

                                            NO.23     Sigur Ros - ( )

                                            NO.24     Beck - ODELAY

                                            NO.25     David Bowie - REALITY

                                                                                                ROCK ON.